Library Lending Policy

1. Items can only be checked out to Guild of Book Workers members.

2. Requests to borrow must be documented in written form and sent to the GBW librarian:

  • Ann Frellsen, Collections Conservator
  • Emory University Libraries
  • 540 Asbury Circle
  • Atlanta, GA 30322

3. Loaned items may be kept for a month from the date of receipt. The number of items borrowed should be restricted to what the member can view in a 30 day period.

4. While the postage costs for sending the items to GBW members is paid by the sending institution, the person borrowing from the GBW collection is responsible for the return shipping.

5. Rare or fragile items may be subjected to restricted, in-house use and will not be loaned.

6. Occasionally, an item is of such value that the borrower will be responsible for insuring the package when returning it.

Specific Regulations for the Video Collection

There is no charge for borrowing video tapes. However, a request to borrow videos must be accompanied by two checks made payable to the Guild of Book Workers:

One $20 per video refundable security deposit, to be returned to the patron upon receipt of the returned video tape. ($260 deposit required for the CBBAG Home Study Programs, and $80 deposit required for the 2006 Centennial Conference boxed set.)

One $5 per video NON-refundable fee for postage, handling, and eventual replacement. ($20 fee required for the CBBAG Home Study Programs.)

Video requests are limited to 4 videos per loan.