Nominations for Annual GBW Awards

Nominations are now being accepted for the two annual GBW awards: "The Laura Young Award" and "The Lifetime Achievement Award." The former is presented to a GBW member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Guild's mission. The latter is presented to an accomplished person in the field, not necessarily a member of GBW, and will confer honorary membership on that individual as well. To see previous awardees go to Current elected officers of the Guild are not eligible for nomination.

You may send your recommendations to any member of the 2015 Awards Committee, and by mail to the Chair postmarked by April 15th:

Jeanne Drewes, Chair: jdre[at]loc[dot]gov 909 E St SE Apt 8 WDC 20003

MP. Bogan: mpbogan[at]nedcc[dot]org

Anna Embree: annaembree[at]bookarts[dot]ua[dot]edu

The honorees will be announced in the August GBW Newsletter and the awards presented at the Standards of Excellence Seminar in, Cleveland, Ohio in October 2015.