A Note on Heartbleed

The web was rocked this week with the disclosure of a security vulnerability in OpenSSL software, dubbed "Heartbleed". This bug allows users to exploit secure server connections and gain access to encrypted data. You can read more about it here or see a more simplified explanation here. As soon as the vulerability was made public, however, a software patch was developed and rolled out. 

A security patch for OpenSSL which fixes the heartbleed vulnerability was applied to our server on the same day it was announced (Apr 07, 2014). Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that our new server was affected in the first place. We encourage you to look at the list of affected sites and change your passwords as required. If you have reused the same password for your GBW account, you should change your password here as well.  After you have logged in, just click "My Account" under the "Members Only" menu to change your password.