Donors to the Exhibition

This exhibition would not have been possible without the generous support of the following donors and the members of the Guild of Book Workers who generously contributed to the Guild’s “Birthday Fund.”

Significant funding in support of this exhibition was received from the

Richard and Marie Oedel


Cathy and Alan Adelman
Archival Products
Harmatan Leather / Bookmarc Leather
Maggy Magerstadt Rosner
Mary Schlosser
Ruth Stein


Nelly Balloffet
Sheryl Barber
Carol J. Blinn
Barbara B. Blumenthal
Catherine Burkhard
Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Carol Erickson
Ann-Marie Fleming
Doris Freitag
Gary Frost
Green Heron Book Arts, Patricia Grass
Karen Hanmer
S. Piper Head
Joshua Heller Rare Books, Inc.
Signa Houghteling
Margaret Johnson
Jamie Kamph
Frances Kovac
Barbara E. Kretzmann
Louise Kuflik
Hedi Kyle
Monique Lallier & Don Etherington

Julie Leonard
Barbara Metz
Bernard Middleton
Patricia Miller
Anne Mininberg
William Minter
J. Franklin Mowery
Elaine Nelson
P&S Engraving
Perkament, Henk de Groot
Roberta Pilette
Judith and John Reed
Norma Rubovits
Sara Sauers
Jean Stephenson
Priscilla Spitler
Gail Sulmeyer
David Trainer
Claire Van Vliet
Alice Vaughan
Lisa Von Clemm
Laura Wait