Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 100
June 1995


Obituary by Decherd Turner

Helen Warren DeGolyer, a patron and participant in the arts, Dallas, died February 9, 1995, after a brief illness. Born in the Philippines to a military family she had a nomadic childhood, but excelled academically, attending Randolph Macon College, and graduating from Vassar College in 1947.

In 1952 she married Everett L. DeGolyer, Jr., and became involved with the many cultural activities associated with the DeGolyer name. She was a strong supporter of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, the Dallas Symphony, the Dallas Opera, Planned Parenthood, and the Bridwell Library of Southern Methodist University. Shewas also a patron of the Aspen Summer Music Festival and the Aspen Opera. She and her husband endowed the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Clare Hart DeGolyer scholarship in honor of their daughter who died in 1975.

Of all the cultural facets related to the DeGolyer name in Dallas, the field which looms largest is - BOOKS. The late Everett DeGolyer, Sr., and the late Everett deGolyer, Jr., were great collection builders. Helen DeGolyer strengthened that tradition by her own very personal contribution: that of being a binder of books. The Dallas area has this noble tradition of hand bookbinding due to the many years of teaching of the late Marianna Roach, whose work has been so handsomely carried on by Dorothy Westapher.

Helen was always present at seminars, demonstrations, workshops, etc. seeking to improve her skills. Her bindings appeared in many exhibitions, and her work showed a refined, restrained taste - yet with a flare - something like laying a smile on top of a serious proposition.

At her memorial service on February 13, the minister said: "I would cherish for us all that we can finish the score of our life with the same civilized fulfillment as Helen did hers."

She is survived by a son, Everett Lee DeGolyer, III, of Austin, and a daughter, Edith Warren DeGolyer of Dallas.

(Ed. note: Helen Warren DeGolyer was a member of the Guild of Book Workers - Lone Star Chapter at the time of her death.)