Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 104
February 1996


Nadja van der Stroom, formerly of Tucson, Arizona, has moved her household and bindery to: 1417 Pecan Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205. She can be reached by phone or fax at 704-376-9014.

Linda Hohneke, an employee at the Folger Shakespeare Library and a founding member of the Potomac Chapter, was married to Mr. Sherwood Hall in November 1995.

Also married this Fall was Ursula Wille, conservator at the Frick Fine Arts Reference Library and Co-Chair of the New York Chapter.

Joanne Sonnichsen, California fine binder, has been elected President of The Book Club of California. On January 27th she accepted the Institutional Award given by the APHA to the Book Club at the annual meeting of the American Printing History Association held at the New York Public Library. Joanne recently spoke in San Francisco to a joint meeting of the Roxburghe Club and the Hand Bookbinders of California. She talked about Air neuf, the new binders' group in France.


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