Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 104
February 1996


No doubt everyone will have noticed that the December issue was more than usually late this year. No one was more aware of that than the Editor. Holiday schedules always disrupt the mailings and the printing, but this year we got caught by the Blizzard of '96 (formatting, printing and mailing are all done in the East) and the work loads of various staff members.

Beginning with this, the February 1996 issue, formatting will be done by Richard Seibert in Berkeley CA. We feel that the Guild and the Newsletter have grown to such a size that a paid professional is needed. Peter Verheyen has worked valiantly on getting out the Newsletter - and being Exhibitions Chairman - but he feels he must give up some things and attend to his own affairs. We are grateful for all he has done and will miss working with him.

Thank you, Peter.

With the December issue, Stacey Garretson, at BookMakers, resigned as Calendar Editor in order to attend to business. Thank you, Stacey, for all your work.

This issue's Calendar has been compiled by your Editor. It is an interesting but time-consuming occupation, and I am asking for a volunteer to take over the post of Calendar Editor. You must have a computer (without it, the job is almost impossible - I know; I did it by hand for several years.) Access to numerous book arts publications is most desirable, though not absolutely essential. Call me, or write.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to work on the Newsletter in other capacities, as well, will be welcome. There is always too much to be done and too few to do it: We would be happy to have someone knowledgeable in the small press field listing interesting new publications. Would someone be interested in indexing the Newsletter? It has never been done, and it would be of immense benefit. Phone 415-673-7130.