Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 106
June 1996



Ballots for the 1996-1997 Guild elections will be mailed out during thelate summer. Elections will take place at the Annual Meeting in October atthe end of the 16th Standards of Excellence Seminar being held in Pasadena October 18-19.Officers to be elected this year, and the candidates for office are as follows:

President: Karen Crisalli

Committee Chairmen:
Exhibitions: Barbara Metz
Library: Pamela Spitzmueller
Publicity/Public Relations: Paula Marie Gourley
Newsletter: Margaret H. Johnson
Standards: Monique Lallier
Study Opportunities: Howard S. Stein

If you wish to nominate a candidate for any position, please send to the Secretary or the President the name of your choice, accompanied by:

  1. a biographical sketch of your nominee;
  2. a statement of willingness to serve if elected; and
  3. the signature endorsements of five other members in good standing who support your recommendation.


Donations Sought
, the Guild's next exhibition will open September 1st at Scripps College in Claremont, CA, before traveling on to the University of Rochester, NY, Columbia College in Chicago, Smith College in Northampton, MA, and finally to Ohio University in Athens, OH, where it will close at the end of September 1997. The Syracuse University Library will be the "virtual" hostsite for the online version of the exhibit.

This will be an interesting exhibit of about 24 bindings by Guild members of Peter & Donna Thomas' book Paper, a sample book of handmade papers from the United States. The bindings are interpretations of this beautiful collection of handmade paper, in which paper is used structurally in many of the bindings, as well as part of the overall design.

As many of you may know, the major expense for such an exhibit is the catalog, without which no exhibition is complete. We estimate the total costs for this catalog project to come to a little over $7,000, which includes full color photography, 4-color printing, boxmaking, and a poster publicizing the exhibition. At the time the exhibition opens, an electronic form of this catalog, fully illustrated, will appear on the World Wide Web(WWW), a hypertext based component of the Internet. This will make the exhibition available to a much greater audience than ever imagined, drawing attention to this viable and growing field known as 'the book arts'.

Like most non-profit organizations, we must rely heavily on donations from within our own community, the book arts, and we sincerely hope that you will consider taking this opportunity to contribute to what promises to be an exhibition of the book arts, hand paper making and fine binding well upto the Standards of Excellence supported by the Guild of Book Workers. All contributions will be acknowledged in the catalog insert; contributors of $250 and up will receive a complimentary copy of the catalog, as well as mention, and contributors of $500 or more will receive free advertising in the World Wide Web electronic format of the catalog in addition. The Internet version will be on the Web during the entire run of the exhibition, and possibly longer.

We would appreciate any and all donations, which are, of course, tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. But in order to be included in the printed list of donors, please note that contributions would need to be received by us by June 30.

Contributions should be made payable to the Guild of Book Workers and sent to:

Peter Verheyen
202 Berkeley Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13210

Guild of Book Workers Members' Exhibition:
Peter & Donna Thomas' book PAPER:

Opening: September 1 - October 31, 1996: Scripps College, Claremont, CA
November 1 - December 31: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
January 13 - March 30, 1997: Columbia College, Chicago, IL
April 1 - June 30, 1997: Smith College, Northampton, MA
July 1 - September 30, 1997: Ohio University, Athens, OH
Virtual online hostsite: Syracuse University Library:

[Web Ed. Note: The exhibition is still online at the GBW homepage ( Updated Jan. 99 ECA]

Catalog Pre-Publication Sale Offer.

We are pleased to offer the catalog at the pre-publication price of $18.00+ s/h. This price will remain in effect until September 1, the opening date of the exhibit at Scripps College. After that date the price will go to $20. Dealers' orders and those of 5 or more, will continue at the reduced price. As an added bonus orders received before September 1 will include a free copy of 80 Years Later, the Guild's 1986-87 traveling exhibit. Institutions may request open account billing.

Orders will be processed by the Bookbinder's Warehouse and will not be billed until the catalog has been shipped. The charge will originate fromthe Bookbinder's Warehouse. Orders can be sent by mail or phone. They should be sent to:

PAPER Catalog Order
c/o The Bookbinders Warehouse
31 Division St.
Keyport, NH 07735-1522

For those with Internetaccess, there is a form for orders to be placed directly. The url is

[Web Ed. Note: This link no longer works. Please call for availability of the catalog. Jan 99 ECA]

Seminar Scholarships

There will be no scholarships available for the 1996 Standards Seminar. The funds for the scholarships come from moneys left over from previous Standards Seminars and donations from individuals. This year there were no left over funds, but efforts are being made this year to trim the Standards budget so that scholarships can be made available in the future. Pinning down all the charges made by hotels can be tricky and, for example, sometimes those nice pastries with the coffee turn out not to be included. We're learning. Donations for the scholarships can be sent, marked'Scholarship Fund', along with your yearly dues, or any time. Just send it to the Treasurer, or to Cris Takacs, Scholarship Committee Chairman.

E-mail Addresses

As more and more people 'go on-line', the problem of how to fit in all these long addresses becomes more difficult. Many of the members of the Executive Board now have e-mail addresses, as well as postal ones, and fax numbers and telephone numbers. The lines are longer, the print is smaller. The list on the back of this Newsletter is provided for the benefit of members who need information or assistance. It's a quick reference. E-mail addresses will be added to the next Membership Directory. In the meanwhile, we will list separately e-mail addresses for the Committee members as they are received. Please add them to your records. Presently, we have:
Karen Crisalli:
Bernadette Callery:
Peter Verheyen:
Margaret Johnson:
Cris Clair Takacs: