Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 106
June 1996


Equipment for Sale

Brass type for sale:

Important collection: ex-Stanford University Press Bindery.

sase to Douglas Freund, P.O. Box 532, Jerome, AZ 86331. tel: 520/639-3328, between 5 & 7 pm Mt. Time only.

Mr. Freund writes:
This collection of brass type served the bindery of one of the nation's most prestigious university presses. Four of their seven fonts were in use in 1926 (when a delightful sample board was produced). The remaining three were added at some time after that date, with two of those three being virtually unused. These fonts were employed in a large electric hot-stamping press. The bindery tools, along with much of the press equipment, were sold at auction in the mid-nineteen eighties. To purchase a part of this collection, contact me by post or telephone. The type will be shipped upon clearance of personal cheques, or immediately if a bank cheque is used. I will gladly answer any questions.

N.B. Mr. Freund has divided the collection into 18 lots, priced from a miscellaneous numeral set of 130 characters in 3 point sizes for $175 to 1,157 characters in 8 point sizes of 'Old Style Antique Bold' in extremely fine condition at $1,700. Send for his font brochure.

While not a part of this collection, he also has a Preis pantographic engraving machine for sale. This 3-dimensional milling machine would be ideal for cutting one's own type and fleurons. It is in excellent condition, and priced at $3,900. If you are interested, he would be glad to send additional details.

Edge-Gilding Machine: like new, purchased from the Harcourt Bindery for gilding books singly. Has only been used about 10 times. Included in price is roller head lubricant, 1 qt. of sizing, and 1 roll of gold foil, 2 1/4" wide. $375. Contact Teringo Bookbinding (Amanda Teringo), tel: 301/929-0492, or, 2722 Sheraton St., Silver Spring, MD 20906.

Digitized Type: Available from Stone Type Foundry, Inc., 626 Middlefield Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94301, tel: 415/324-1870; fax: 324-1783, itc Bodoni Ornaments.