Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 109
December 1996


To all of you I met in Pasadena (and especially those who attended thebreakfast presentation):

It was a pleasure seeing you at the Sunday Morning Breakfast Presentation, held on the 20th of October at the Pasadena Hilton. I am writing to apologize at having to leave so quickly without finishing off the presentation in a conventional manner! I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of questions which were asked, but as a result of the overrun, I was in danger of missing my flight to New York!

However, for those of you with access to the World Wide Web, we have published fact sheets on the leathers we produce and also a series of articles in our newsletter Skin Deep on the 'Manufacture of Leather' - all of which are there for the browsing. Our URL address is: <> [Note: Updated since publication of printed newsletter, where address was listed as <>]

If you do not have access to the Internet, we would be delighted to supply you with the information via more conventional methods.

I look forward to meeting you all again at some future event, or even during your next visit to the uk.

Best wishes,

David Lanning, J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.

tel: +44 (0) 181 965 5377; fax: +44 (0) 181 453 0414; e-mail:

(Ed. Note: David Lanning is now a member of the Guild, so we will, no doubt, see him again at another Seminar.)