Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 109
December 1996


Equipment for Sale

Antique Hickok Press made in Harrisburg, Penna., designed to print lines on ledger paper. 5' x 12', good condition, known to be working 5 years ago, all parts included. John Heidinger wants to know if anyone is interested in buying it. Call him at 704/594-7214, or, e-mail: <>.

Gerard Charriere is selling some of his binding tools, as well as books and catalogs. Contact him for a list at: 36 West 26th St. New York NY 10010, 212-675-6784


Center for the Book Arts is offering for sale by sealed-bid auction an important collection of handmade papers entitled

North American Hand Paper Making 1976

This collection of original paper works from thirty-one of the most important hand papermakers in North America consists of two 19" x 25" accordion-fold volumes of airplane linen over museum board, each of which opens to fifty-one feet. The collection, orgainized and bound by Richard Minsky, has been exhibited at the Center for the Book Arts in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Missouri Botanical Gardens Library, the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, and the Beersheva Visual Arts Center in Israel. Custom built wooden shipping crates protect the two sections while in storage.

Presale estimated price: $5,000 - $10,000

For more information, or to view this magnificent collection, please call the Center for Book Arts at 212 460-9768

All bids must be received by December 20, 1996

Hiromi Paper International, Inc. Annual Warehouse Sale: Dec. 2nd - Dec.27th, 1996. Save 50% on many papers, including: Hosho 23x18", Mulberry, White Mingeo, Masa Waxed, Rayon Unryu, Rayon Unryu with Gold & Silver Flecks, Kochi Natural, Natsume (Unryu White), and Yuzen (Kimono Pattern). Selected papers - $.50 or 1.00 per sheet. 1997 Calendars available. Phone & Fax orders welcome. Visa & MC accepted. Hiromi Paper Intl., 4223 Glencoe Ave., C-107, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. Tel: 310/306-8003, Fax: 310/306-7808.


Cris Takacs, Midwest Chapter Chairman, recently attended a fan adhesive workshop conducted by Peter Jermann and learned about several different binding products that she felt would interest members, PVAs: Wisdom R1503, used for brushing on the spine, Wisdom R172DT, a lighter PVA for gluing up covers and use in a gluing machine.

Both are close to pH neutral and have withstood Peter's tests for elasticity and flexibility. They are made for the binding industry by H.E. Wisdom & Sons, Inc., 10275 Pacific Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131. Tel: 847/678-7750. R1503 (thick fan PVA) is $1.75 (size not given); 172DT (thin PVA) is $1.31. They sell as little as a gallon. Order before the cold weather. ( if you can.)

For adhering mylar to paper: they used Scotch 568 Positionable mounting adhesive, a "peel-off pressure sensitive" adhesive, to make a paste guard. Cris says that the other trick to getting mylar to stick to a paper, an absolute necessity in making the Quarter-joint binding they were shown, is to use Mylar J. This has a coating that will accept ink or glue.

Leather Dyes

From Paper Conservation News: There are more than 1,300 dyestuffs listed in the Colour Index as suitable for leather. It is not therefore surprising that the choice of a suitable dye mix for any particular application is fraught with difficulties. Ciba have developed the Sellaset trichromatic system specifically for dyeing a wide variety of leathers. These 1:2 premetallised dyes are supplied in a concentrated solution in water, free from neutral salts. They are completely compatible with each other giving repeatable level results. They have little tendency to aggregation and give products an improved fastness to light, water, dry cleaning, etc.

Before using these dyes they should normally be diluted with about five times their volume in distilled water. The required shade is then obtained with the help of color triangles which give an indication of the effect of various dye mixes.

The Sellaset H range together with a compatible black dyestuff Irgaderm Black N and color triangles can now be supplied in small quantities to conservators. For information, contact: Roy Thomson, Leather Conservation Centre, 34 Guildhall Rd., Northampton NN1 1EW, UK; tel: (01604)232723; fax: (01604)602070.

From Abbey Newsletter: Hugh Phibbs described a method of making 2 lb. weights, in July Picture Framing Magazine. A cheap, compact and easily handled weight can be made by gluing together a mass of tiny lead shot inside a form of 2-ply board. He recommends a trapezoidal shape, broader surface on top for ease in picking up. The glue can be a thermoplastic one, or a synthetic emulsion.

Museum Services Corporation has four pieces of equipment for book conservation: a book and document leafcaster with digitizer for calculating the area to be filled, a fold and edge caster, for leafcasting only part of a page, a polyester sealer, and a book suction machine, which makes it unnecessary to disbind a book in order to mend or use solvents on part of a single page.

For paper conservation , they have cold suction tables, the Weidner moisture chamber, steam cleaner and steamer, and a number of more generally useful tools and kinds of equipment. Contact them at 1107 East Cliff Rd., Burnsville, MN 55337-1514, tel: 612/895-5199 or 800/672-1107; fax 612/895-5298; e-mail <>