Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 109
December 1996



The Oath, by C.R. Chao, L. Marks & Amy E. Coon, designed and produced by Pat Baldwin at Pequeno Press, 1996. An investigation of medical ethics in several areas. Fully hand-sewn with cut-out chapter titles, a pop-up contents page and 13 illus. "painted" on the computer. 2 I x 2 H". 185pp. Printed and bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery. Edition of 50 signed & numbered copies. $95 + $2 p&h. Pequeno Press, P.O. Box 1711, Bisbee, AZ 85603.

Meditations at the Edge: Paper and Spirit (1996), by Dorothy Field. Peter & Donna Thomas, Santa Cruz, CA. 42pp. 11 G x 4 H". 1 - 14 have pages mounted on wooden dowels which are housed in a wooden pagoda. The book shares Dorothy's observations of how paper has been used in the Orient to connect the physical and the spiritual worlds. 4 illus. by the author on her own koso paper. Letterpress printed in Centaur type on Peter's handmade paper. Bound by the printers in an oriental binding style which they developed to allow the book to have hard covers that open from the spine while still accommodating the stab sewn text block. 260 Fifteenth Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062; 408/475-1455.

Manuscript Inks is being published by Jack C. Thompson. Jack says about this book: "The title is Manuscript Inks because there is more than just iron gall ink in the text. Claes Lindblad, a scribe/illuminator from Sweden, gave me permission to include his text on stick inks (Japanese and Chinese), and Willis Johnson translated the Hebrew recipe for manufacturing ritually correct (i.e., that used for writing Torah, etc.). There is a recipe for Persian ink, and the complete transcription of a 1596 text on the manufacture of inks with a technical glossary. The price is $9.95 (includes $1.00 for shipping), and the first hundred orders will include a free bottle of iron gall ink. Since there are a number of inks lying around the lab these days, you can choose between a traditional ink of the 15th/16th centuries (blacker on parchment than paper); wine gall ink (a cabernet wine which went sour, Aleppo galls, stirred with a fig branch - very black and glossy); Pokey Creek Black (rain water from barrels around my cabin in Idaho - gray-black); Pie Cherry Black (tannic acid from pie cherry bark instead of galls, a nice black); Queen Anne Cherry Black (another nice black); Oak Bark Black (actually a brown ink); Oak Wood Black (see Oak Bark Black). For a complete set of these inks, add $3.00 for each additional ink.

Jack C. Thompson, Thompson Conservation Lab, 7549 N. Fenwick, Portland, OR 97217; 503/735-3942 (voice & fax); <>.

Directories, etc.

The 1997 Membership Directory of the AIC is now available. 282 pp, wire bound. Discounted price for Individuals and Nonprofits, $25; Regular price for Commercial Companies, $52, p&h, $6. DC residents add sales tax. To order: AIC, 1717 K Street, NW, Suite 301, Washington, DC 20006; 202/452-9545; fax: 202/452-9328. Orders must be prepaid by check or m.o. made out to AIC. Foreign orders paid in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.


THE VEATCHS are moving from 20 Veronica St., Smithtown, NY to P.O.B. 328, Northampton, MA 01060. Shipping address: 140 Crescent St. Ph: 1-413/584-1867.