Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 117
April 1998

Editor's Corner

As announced on page 1, the next issue will be edited by Guest Editor Mark Pollei while I go on a walking trip in Tuscany. Even editors need to take some time off. We hope that the practice can become a regular occurrence, with two, or even three Guest Editors each year. We would welcome suggestions as to areas of interest that could be covered in a specific issue. We would especially welcome offers by anyone (or more than one) wishing to take on the position of Guest Editor(s).

Webmaster Needed

A call is going out now for computer competent persons willing to put the Newsletter on the Internet. There is a space for it, but Peter Verheyen who began entering the Newsletter on the web at http://palimpsest.stanford. edu/byorg/gbw/ has been overwhelmed by work and family and has had to reluctantly give it up. For details and information, please contact Peter at: