Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 117
April 1998

Marbling News

Marbler Marie Palowoda is putting together a master list of marblers worldwide. If you have a list, partial list, or are a marbler yourself and would like to be added to this list, you may send any names to Marie. The list will be used for sending invitations for future marblers' conferences. It seems that quite a few people were overlooked in the past and it is hoped that this will amend the situation. You can contact Marie at: 2605 West 19th Street Road, Greeley, CO 80631; tel: 970 352-3524; brad_culp@hp. com.

Iris Nevins will be teaching a marbling workshop at Peters Valley, after a lapse of several years. The class will be held May 29th. You may call Peters Valley (NJ) at 973 948-5200. Following the marbling class a three-day bookmaking class (May 30 - June 1), taught by Herb Nieder, will take place. The marbled paper made on the previous day will be used in the bookmaking. It is not obligatory to take both classes however. You may take one or the other if you wish.