Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 97
December 1994

GBW Annual Meeting Minutes

October 29, 1994 in Dallas, Texas
transcribed from notes taken by Penny Sherred
(in Secretary Louise Kuflik's absence)

Monique Lallier, Standards Chairman, thanked all the presenters at the 14th Standards Seminar, Eleanore Ramsey, Robert Espinosa, Frank Mowery and Tim Ely, for their work. Frank Mowery followed her and reminisced about his tenure as President. He spoke of how he had enjoyed his term in office and mentioned the new regional chapters that have formed in the last few years - there are now six, with a seventh, the Rocky Mountain, in formation. He pointed out, also that the Journal is almost current.

Monique Lallier reported on the Standards Seminars and said that although the Boston Seminar had not generated any income for the scholarship fund, she hoped that the current meeting would do so. Next year's Standards Seminar will be held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on September 28th to 30th, with Paula Gourley as host. The earlier than usual date is due to the Alabama football schedule! Monique also announced some of next year's presenters: Elaine Schlefer, a joint presentation by Priscilla Spitler and Mindell Dubansky and, perhaps, John Mitchell. The 1996 Seminar will be held in Los Angeles.

Frank introduced the Guild's Treasurer, Mary Schlosser, noting that she has served on the Executive Committee since 1962 in many capacities. He thanked her for her commitment to the Guild. Mary passed around the 1993-94 financial statement which shows the Guild to be in fairly good fiscal shape, but she cautioned as usual that the rosy picture at the beginning of the year reflects the receipt of membership dues for the coming year and does not take into account expenses for the Journal and other annual expenditures soon to be deducted.

Jean Stephenson, Journal Chairman, spoke next about the issue to be mailed out shortly, Journal XXX, No. 2. It will be followed shortly by a double, 1993, issue and the Spring 1994 issue, which will include articles by Linda Blaser, Betsy Eldridge and Richard Horton. The Fall 1994 issue will include papers from this year's Seminar. She asked for suggestions for articles for upcoming issues.

Peter Verheyen spoke about the next Guild exhibition, a set book of handmade paper samples by Peter and Donna Thomas in Santa Cruz, CA. It is planned to open in 1996.

Priscilla Spitler, Lone Star Chapter Chair, thanked her chapter for their work in helping to organize the Seminar and she then presented Frank with a gift from the Lone Star Chapter - a Texas hand-tooled belt with his name on the back, which he promptly donned. Priscilla then thanked Jan Sobota for his work in organizing the Seminar and the exhibitions in conjunction with it.

Pam Spitzmueller, Librarian, talked about plans to issue a new library catalog and told members that they can borrow books by writing to her. She also said that any contributions to the Guild Library would be happily received. In answer to a question from Betsy Eldridge, she said she would make up a Wish List of books and publications for the Library which will be published in the Newsletter.

Margaret Johnson reported that the Newsletter mailings had increased from 700 to almost 900 in the last two years, due to both increased membership and an expanded exchange list. She thanked Cindy Mowery for all her work in compiling the Newsletter.

Reports were given by all the Chapter Chairman present: New York, Midwest and Potomac. (Their reports, and those of the New England, Lone Star, Delaware Valley Chapters will appear in the December or February newsletters). Paula Gourley announced that a chapter is being formed in the Alabama area and she looks forward to welcoming us to Tuscaloosa next fall.

Supply Chairman, Susan Martin reported that as far as the Supply Directory is concerned, she continues to collect information on new sources of supplies and equipment for the next publication. She asked for any suggestions that members present might have, saying that she will add in those sources that were mentioned by the presenters.

In addition, she said that she had been working with the 8 vendors who came to Dallas, and that all of them seemed happy that Sally Martin had joined the vendors' group and felt that she and her fine equipment were a great addition to the group. Altogether, over $1,500 profit was realized by the rental of display tables. She also mentioned that due to the generosity of the vendors and the presenters, 22 items were donated to the raffle.

Frank then asked members to discuss their opinions on the Guild - what the Guild is doing or could do, how its money should be spent. There was a discussion on the need to get oral histories from our older members. There are ongoing projects on taking histories of several members which it is hoped will be finished this year.

Finally Frank introduced the new President Karen Crisalli and stepped down as President. He was presented by Pam Spitzmueller with a gift, the Golden Cockerell Press 1937 edition of The Greek Anthology, in grateful recognition and thanks for his years of service to the Guild.

The meeting ended with the now traditional raffle of goodies provided by the vendors and the presenters.