Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 97
December 1994


RALPH MCGUINESS has recently opened his own bindery, Thistle Bookbinding & Conservation, at 4001 North Ravenswood, Suite 605, Chicago, IL 60613. (312) 472-0213. Ralph has 22 years of experience as a hand binder and is offering a full range of services in binding and conservation and hopes to offer bookbinding classes as well before then end of the year.

He is looking for various binding equipment, especially board shears. Anyone with anything to sell should contact him.

LOUISE KUFLIK and URSULA HOFER, of Sky Meadow Bindery are moving again. They will be located at Louise's house in the Woodstock area. Ursula, who lives in Woodstock, will be at the bindery during the work week; Louise will be there through the weekends, and in New York City in the middle of the week.

Their new address is PO Box 1212, Woodstock, NY 12498; (914) 657-3348. In New York City, (212) 873-4315.

CLAIRE VAN VLIET gave an Indian Summer Workshop, sponsored by the New York Chapter, on September 17th in New York City. Her topic: "Some Approaches to the Pamphlet" (8 pamphlets and a slipcase.)

Recent exhibitions by members: ENID MARK's "The Elm Press: Books by Enid Mark" at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, September 18 through October 14. JONATHAN HAMMER gave a special GBW gallery tour for his exhibition at the Matthew Marks Gallery, "Jonathan Hammer: The Books, Read 'em and Weep". The Gallery is at 1018 Madison Avenue, 5th floor, New York, NY 10021; (212) 861-9455. Papermaker and book artist ROBBIN AMI SILVERBERG's work, " Paper Installation", was shown in Budapest in July. Her work also appeared in a group exhibition of artist's book collaborations at the HarperCollins Exhibition Space in New York City in October. That exhibition, "Dobbin Books," will be in the Prieto Gallery of Mills College, Oakland, California in February. Robbin is Director of Dobbin Mill in Brooklyn, New York, where there is a hand papermill, sculpture studio, darkroom and a bookmaking facility, near Carriage House Papers. Their phone: (718) 388-9631.

MOTHER AGNES SHAW is no longer a member of the Guild, but while she was at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethelem, Connecticut, she was a member. She has written to JIM DORSEY, editor of the Binders' Guild Newsletter, saying, "four years ago I disappeared over the horizon into south central Italy and re-found this ancient abbey of San Vincenzo. In those years our number has doubled from two foundresses--Rev. Mother Miriam and I--to four nuns plus a young Italian woman who is living in our guest house.... The land has been restored, the farm is in operation (no bees yet!) and crafts are in process and being returned after a hiatus of some 500 years. Thanks to the archbishop of Molise, the book bindery is now a reality. The whole medical staff at the hospital of Isernia contributed to the purchase of the essential equipment. Now I need some help from the Binders' Guild... What I need to know is two fold: 1) what guilds, or associations exist in Europe, Italy in particular, tantamount to the Binders' Guild or the Guild of Book Workers or Designer Bookbinders and 2) where can I find sources of equipment? There is one supplier in Rome--Sottani--with sky-high prices. What exists in Naples? France? England? Germany? ... What is the European scene and how can I get into it?" Mother Agnes' letter continues with much interesting information, for which we have not space enough in this issue. However, those who have information that would be of assistance in finding sources of supply, especially in Italy, can send the information on to Jim Dorsey, Route 3,
Box 289, Zebulon, NC 27597; (919) 365-3800 or (919) 269-6381. Or write:

Mother Agnes Shaw, O.S.B., Abbazia di San Vincenzo al Volturno,
Rocchetta a Volturno, 86070 Isernia, Italy.