Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 97
December 1994


by Iris Nevins

Now that the cooler, dryer weather has arrived, I'm sure many of you are having problems with your marbled paper curling once it has been glued and before it is laid on your boards. I know I am experiencing this problem myself. I tried pasting the boards instead, and only pasted the spine edge of the marbled paper. This tip given to me by Jeff Rigby earlier in the year has certainly helped.

The new issue of Ink & Gall is out and it includes: The Use of Marbling in Printmaking by Robert Hollingsworth, Marbled Paper Patterns/Nomenclature of Marbled Papers by Phoebe Jane Easton, The Art of Marbling by J. Hauptman - a review by Polly Fox, Second Int'l. Marblers' Gathering Exhibition Catalog - review by Phoebe Jane Easton, Second Int'l. Marblers' Gathering Exhibition Video - review by Pamela Smith, Dances With Cosmos: Marbled Clothing by Carl Weis, A Visual Way To Remember How A Pattern Was Made by Polly Fox.