Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 97
December 1994


from Paula Marie Gourley,
Assoc. Professor, School of Library & Information Studies,
University of Alabama

At the conclusion of the 4th International Forum of Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art held in Luxembourg, it was announced that the next conference will be held in Canada in 1996. This prestigious convention, sponsored by the regional delegations in alternating years, brings together an international membership of bookbinders (both professional and amateur) representing many of the world's countries.

National memberships exist, at this point, in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada, United States of America*, Brazil, Greece, Israel and Monaco. Each country has an appointed delegate with a support organization undertaking the needs of each region.

As the appointed delegate for the United States, I will be working closely with Odette Drapeau-Milot of Montreal to bring the next conference to fruition. It is hoped that a strong representation from the U.S. will be participating.

With this in mind, I would like to make the following proposal for all members of the Guild of Book Workers. As we already have in existence a well established and active membership organization with an international membership, I propose that each member of the GBW be automatically enrolled (and at no additional cost) as a member of Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art-U.S.A. This would allow attendance at the biannual conferences, which incur no conference fee; and participation in the attendant exhibitions would continue as in the past. Members wishing to exhibit books may do so and have their work included in the exhibition catalogues at their own expense. This usually means that one submits either black-and-white or color slides of the work and to pay the cost of reproduction in the catalogue. Each exhibitor receives a copy of the catalogue; books are returned at the close of the exhibition.

I have been somewhat at a loss as to how interested persons can be included in what is otherwise a Francophone organization. With the increasing activity in other nations, most notably Italy and Spain, it seems prudent to put forth this proposal to the membership of the Guild.

I would appreciate your ideas and feedback on this subject. My home address for correspondence until the end of December is PO Box 223021, Carmel, CA 93922 while I am on sabbatical leave from the University of Alabama. After January 1, my usual addresses will be in effect.

Paula Marie Gourley, Associate Professor
University of Alabama
2811 Sixth Street Tuscaloosa, AL 35401