Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 97
December 1994


WAAC Notice

WAAC (Western Association for Art Conservation) Newsletter has changed its address. It is now: Carolyn Tallent, Editor, WAAC Newsletter, 537 San Vicente Blvd., Apt. 211, Santa Monica, CA 90402.

New periodical

Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography is a new quarterly. The first issue, to be published in the fall of 1994, is scheduled to include articles on "American Type Specimen Books," "Notes on Century Schoolbook," "Renaissance Typefaces," a profile of the production of a fine press book from Scripps College Press, a book typography of William Morris and book and typography reviews. Authors in the first issue include Charles Bigelow, Dan Carr, William S. Peterson and Steven O. Saxe. For subscriptions ($28 U.S., $32, Mexico & Canada, $36 elsewhere) send requests to: Serif Subscriptions, Dept. P-1, 555 Guilford, Claremont, CA 91711; (909) 621-1291; fax: 625-1342. Persons wishing to write for Serif, send SASE to Dept. P-2, at the above address.

Paper Conservation News, No.71, September 1994 This issue of the Newsletter of the Institute of Paper Conservation, (IPC), contains: Interview by Edward Simpson with John McIntrye, Head of Preservation at the National Library of Scotland, on the history and workings of the conservation department; an article by Derek Priest on the question of accreditation and the role of IPC in the expanding conservation field in the U.K. and the EEC.; Sandra Grantham writing on "Suction Table/Capillary Matting 'Dry' Lining Technique"; "Dyeing aerolinen and aerocotton with reactive dyes" by Edward Simpson.

The Society of Bookbinders Newsletter, No.12, August 1994 Besides the reports from their regional chapters and a report on their Annual General Meeting, there are two articles of interest: Jeremy Francesco explaining his method of binding up 40 years' worth of single-sheet reports; and Philip Betten writes on some endpapers from German workshops.

Designer Bookbinders Newsletter, No.88, Autumn 1994 This issue includes a report of a visit by DB members to see (and handle) part of the V & A Museum's Bookbinding Collection; a report, with illustrations, on the Diploma Show Work 1994 at the Guildford College of Further and Higher Education.

CBBAG Newsletter, Vol. 12, No. 1, Spring 1994 David Palmer, "The Baby & the Bath Water: Is Letterpress Still Valid?"; "Craft as Metaphor" by Kathy M'Closkey; reports on various meetings; "Making & Metaphor: A Discussion of Meaning in Contemporary Craft"; "Bookworks '93", a gathering of book artists; Monique Lallier's workshop on Fine Paper Binding; Tim Barrett's CBBAG workshop on Asian & Western Papermaking; Artists' Book Fair '93, in London in May; Ron Eadie's prompt sheet on Tackets.

CBBAG Newsletter, Vol. 12, No. 2, Summer 1994 "A History of Type Design in Canada" by Nicholas Fabian; Shelagh Smith's report on the 13th GBW Standards Seminar in Boston; Karen Trask's discussion of the inspiration for her works, "Continuum/unfolding; A Story of Hands"; Geoff Spencer's answer to David Palmer's concern about preserving letterpress (in Vol. 12, No. 1); Ron Eadie's prompt sheet on The Ten Minute Slip-case.

Binders' Guild Newsletter, Vol. XVII, No. 6, Sept. 1994 Jim Dorsey's full report on Sün Evrard's presentation, "Simplified Binding Structure", given at the GBW Boston Standards Seminar. Although written up in great detail, Jim seems somewhat ill-at-ease and wary of the technique he attempts to describe.

Binders' Guild Newsletter, Vol. XVII, No. 7, Oct. 1994 This issue discusses supplies and suppliers; abstracts of Nicholson Baker's article, "Discards," that appeared in The New Yorker last April, on the scrapping of card catalogues in favor of on-line systems in America's largest libraries; a glossary of Japanese paper; a letter from Mother Agnes Shaw (see GBW Members); and the Binders' Guild List of Useful Addresses.

Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 18, No.4-5, Aug.-Sept. 1994 Papers from the ARSAG Conference, May 1994; "Temperature & RH Guidelines Challenged by Smithsonian", comments and editorial by Ellen McCrady; Bill Minter's report on his use of computer and video camera to make job quotations easy; report on ISO work on binding standards; "Modern Printing Inks."