Signa Houghteling

San Francisco, California

Anonymous Turkish Student, Narrative of Imam’s Discourse with Students on Religious Subjects, Ca. 1789

Ca. 1789 Osman (Ottoman ‘Arabic’ script) calligraphy record of discussion between an Imam and his students on religious subjects. Classic Ottoman illumination by Mme. Fusun Barutcugil (Istanbul, 2005). Cover: Ottoman/ Arabic style with flap in goat skin, goat skin onlays inspired by 15th-century Egyptian geometric book cover designs, with traditional Arabic gilding patterns, although using European techniques. Endpapers: Pomegranate-dyed paper with traditional gold leaf flecks; marbled papers by Eva Van Breugel. 14.5 x 22 x 2 centimeters. Created 2006.

College degree in studio art and lifetime experience in numerous crafts and fine arts. She began bookbinding under the guidance of Klaus-Ulrich S. Rotzscher and George Robert Kane. Studies with Eleanore Ramsey 1992 to present. Workshops with numerous bookbinders including Pamela Barrios, John DeMerritt, Don Etherington, Louise Genest, Don Glaister, Daniel Kelm, Monique Lallier, Tini Miura, Sidney Neff Jr., Priscilla Spitler, Peter Verheyen. She is a past president Hand Bookbinders of California; former Editor, Guild of Book Workers Journal. She has exhibited her work with the Hand Bookbinders of California and the Guild of Book Workers.