Ginny Kilander

Laramie, Wyoming

Flow I–IV

Each of these papers was originally an insert used to protect the inner surface of a series of canvas picture frames I was marbling. The inserts were to be discarded. After marbling the first frame, the inner protective sheet was as interesting as the marbled frame itself. I deliberately chose a modified Spanish wave pattern to create movement and motion in the stone pattern marbling for the frames, and the organic flow of the design transferred to the protective insert sheets with even greater distortion. Acrylic colors, carragheen sizing. 51.5 x 26 centimeters. Created 2006.

Ginny Kilander is a faculty reference archivist at the University of Wyoming. Her art and craft interests include both the history and modern applications of marbling, paste papers, and papermaking. Originally self-taught from accounts in books, her training was later augmented with workshops and classes. In addition to membership in the Guild of Book Workers, she is an acting advisory board member for the Society of Marbling, and a member of the Friends of Dard Hunter.