Kitty Maryatt

Woodland Hills, California

Scripps College Press students, This Tends to Happen, 2005

This Tends to Happen is a book about pattern recognition. It is a collaborative effort by the students in the Typography class at Scripps College Press. Each student developed a pattern loaded with meaning and presented the concept in a pocket of a double accordion fold construction of handmade paper, made specially for this project. The book is housed in a slipcase printed with one of the patterns. The random letters in the paper coalesce to form the title on the cover of the book. There are ninety-nine copies in the edition. 22 x 12 x 3 centimeters. Created 2005.

Kitty Maryatt has been involved in the book arts since 1971. She has an MFA from UCLA, is Assistant Professor of Art at Scripps College and is Director of the Scripps College Press. She teaches a course called Typography and the Book Arts at Scripps College. Students in the class work collaboratively to create limited edition fine press books. She is principal owner of Two Hands Press, a book arts design studio specializing in the design and fabrication of both handmade and production books. Kitty also teaches book structures at UCLA Extension, and lectures and gives workshops all over the country. Website at