Laura Wait

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

X, letter of danger, sex and the unknown, Vol. I, 2006.

Volume I in a series of seven unique books. An investigation into the uses, development, and meaning of the letter “X” throughout history. Words using “X” are used as text and repetitive pattern writing. The multi -media pages were created using layers of collographs printed in Akua Color, paste painting with stencils, and handwriting using a ruling pen and traditional pointed pen. Bound in brown leather with gold and color tooling. The cover designs are based on the “X” forms throughout the books. Sewn endbands, Cave paper endpapers and flyleaves, with leather joints. Dimensions 19.5 x 38 x 2 centimeters. Created 2006.

Laura Wait is a book artist living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She received a BA in Art History from Barnard College, New York, 1975. She went to London in 1976 to study printmaking and received a certificate in printmaking with merit for a one-year course in 1977 specializing in intaglio. Afterwards, she studied traditional bookbinding with Richard Tullett at Croydon, and received a certificate with distinction for a three year course in 1981. Laura moved to Denver, Colorado in 1981, and started a bookbinding and conservation business which she ran successfully until 2003. She has exhibited her artistís books and fine bindings nationally since 1994. Her solo show at Regis University was featured in the Guild of Book Workers Journal, Vol. XXXVI, No.2, 2001. She makes unique books and small editions using painting, handwriting, and printmaking techniques, especially monoprinting, collographs, and woodcuts, and is known for her rich painterly surfaces. Her experience as a bookbinder and conservator for twenty years is the basis for her excellent bookbinding technique in the English tradition, including leather fine bindings, and medieval-style modern, wood bindings. Her artistís books are found in many private and public collections including the Library of Congress.