Robert Walp, Chester Creek Press

Chestertown, New York

Jody Gladding, The Moon Rose, 2006

Poetry — twelve poems, twelve woodcuts, thirty-two pages — printing, binding, and papermaking by Robert Walp. Each of the twelve poems in The Moon Rose takes its title from one of the many folknames for the twelve full moons of the year. The poems and woodcuts reflect the changing seasons and the experiences of a woman traveling through first loves, marriage and motherhood. Printed from handset Perpetua type on handmade cotton/linen rag paper. The pages are sewn into a paper jacket of Arches Cover Black paper with colored linen thread. The book is protected by a wraparound case covered in black Asahi bookcloth. 23 x 15 x .5 centimeters. Created 2006.

Robert Walp has been printing and binding books since 2001. He is a recent graduate of the MFA in the Book Arts Program at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.