Adam Watson

Hereford, United Kingdom

Dancing Dodecapod

The archetype of Adam Watson’s ‘Skwirly’ books, the little dodecapod looks poised to scuttle off back to sea…. A blank book, bound in handdyed, contorted cow hide with calf spine. 30 x 27 x 27 centimeters. Created 2004.

I like to call myself a maker of books, rather than bookbinder — I create books from scratch using techniques that have remained unchanged in a thousand years. I am led by my materials and what they can do: leather, cow-hide, linen, wood, paper, but nature is the foundation for my creativity. Sometimes this may be a direct visual influence, sometimes something much more subtle. I like to think there is a natural feel to my work — that the viewer will want to pick a piece up, much as one would pick up an interesting bit of wood on a walk…. Website at