Carol J. Blinn

Easthampton, Massachussetts

Frieda Fitzenmeyer, Carol J. Blinn, illus., Once Upon a Time Book Six, 1992

Edition case binding (bradel) covered in full Keyari paper with printed paper label on front cover. In this story, Carol’s alter ego, Frieda Fitzenmeyer, immortalizes the flying adventures of a duck named Buddy and her side-kick Percy. 23 x 15.5 x .5 centimeters. Created 1992.

Carol J. Blinn was born in a small shack in 1946, to parents of questionable nature. They wrapped me in swaddling clothes and laid me in the duck house … Oh, oh, that’s not the right story. Carol J. Blinn learned letterpress printing from Harold McGrath at the Gehenna Press, in Northampton, Massachusetts beginning in 1973, and also worked with bookbinder Arno Werner, learning how to convert her printed sheets into book form. Setting up her own shop, Carol has spent the last thirty-three years designing, printing, illustrating, writing, and producing work for hire — from wedding invitations to fine press editions for clients; from diplomas to custom invitations. She offers editing services and is now concentrating on her own Warwick Press imprint in the publishing of fine and sometimes silly, beautifully produced limited edition books. Using letterpress and incorporating digital tools where appropriate, Warwick Press continues to expand and grow into the twenty-first century. Website at