Babara Fallon Hiller

Redwood City, California

Léon Binet, La Vie des Bêtes, 1955

Bound in dark brown box calf; gray suede leather doublures and flyleaves; edges gilt in the rough; handsewn silk endbands; tooled and titled in gold with red, orange, and yellow box calf onlays. The binding was designed by Gerald Urquhart. 28 x 24 x 4 centimeters. Created 1977. Lent by Francine Penny Patterson and Ronald H. Cohn.

Born in Illinois in 1927, Barbara Fallon Hiller studied with Peter Fahey in San Francisco, and with Constant Dreneau, Jules Fache, and Louse Gallier in Paris. She lived and taught bookbinding in San Francisco. Among her students were Don Glaister, Constance Hunter, Eleanore Ramsey, and Jeannie Sack. She died in 1989.