Belle McMurtry Young

San Francisco, California

Henri Francois Joseph Régnier, Les Reconcontres de Monsieur de Bréot, 1919

Bound in full cream Morocco; sewn on four single raised cords; all edges gilt; black and green handsewn silk endbands; doublure of purple Morocco with blue Morocco border, multicolored floral corner decorations; décor of inlaid purple Morocco and multicolored onlays forming flowers and leaves with tooling in blind and gold. 29.5 x 20 x 2.5 centimeters. Created n.d. Lent by Robert and Lynne Veatch.

Belle McMurtry joined the Guild in 1906 and was also a charter member, as was her future husband, W.R.K. Young, of the Book Club of California. Although her training began in San Francisco with Octavia Holden, the bulk of her instruction took place over a period of years beginning in 1919 in France, under the tutelage of Rose Adler, Henri Noulhac, Adolphe Cuzin, and Emile Maylander.