Iris Nevins

Johnsonburg, New Jersey


Traditional watercolor marbling, on a carragheenan bath; design completed in the ancient manner of using stencils and resists to create an image by repeatedly dipping and drying; pen and ink were used later to outline the details. 28 x 23 centimeters. Created 1989.

Iris Nevins has been a professional marbler since 1978. She marbles in the traditional water based manner in use for many centuries. Her specialty is recreating early papers. She has written four instructional manuals on the art of marbling: Traditional Marbling, Fabric Marbling, 105 Helpful Marbling Hints, and Varieties of Spanish Marbling. She has also published a reprint (now sold out) of James B. Nicholsons A Manual of the Art of Bookbinding, containing eighteen original specimens of her own hand marbled paper, and has also written for The Guild of Book Workers Journal, Ink & Gall, and Marbling Bath. She has taught marbling at Peters Valley, the Center for Book Arts, the Montclair Historical Society and the Newark Museum. Currently, the bulk of her work is as a supplier of restoration style papers for hand bookbinders throughout the country and overseas. She also makes the marbling supplies, supplying watercolor and acrylic marbling colors, tools and other marbling supplies to practitioners of the art of marbling.