Sheila Waters

Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Roundel of the Seasons

Cibachrome II print by Peter Waters of the original artwork, which is watercolor and gouache on vellum. A kaleidoscope of motifs in rich color and intricate detail of semiabstract symbols interspersed with floral decorations. The roundel is surrounded by cursive calligraphy quoting Ecclesiastes, “To every thing there is a season.” 38 x 38 centimeters. Created 1981.

Sheila Waters was born in 1929, and has been a professional calligraphic designer and illuminator since 1951. After earning a masters degree at the Royal College of Art, London, she married fellow-student, specializing in bookbinding, Peter Waters, in 1953 (past Chief of Conservation, Library of Congress, 1971 to 1995). She continues to create calligraphic artworks, teaches workshops, and lectures throughout the USA. Her work is represented in most of the important books in the calligraphic literature.