Jody Alexander

Felton, California

The Flight of Mrs. Viola D. Pigeon

Artist Book

A tale of flight inspired by an old typewriter, once owned by Viola D. Pigeon, found at a junk shop in a case covered with travel stickers. Handmade kozo/gampi paper with encaustic paint surfaces, typewriting on tracing paper, and digital photos. Packed sewn on split thongs with a green, paper cover.
4-1/2 x 6 x 1-1/2"

JODY ALEXANDER has a BA degree from UCLA, Art History, and a MLS from Simmons College. She is a book artist, papermaker, book arts instructor, and librarian with a special interest in historic structures, exposed bindings, and eastern-style papermaking. She teaches regularly at the San Francisco Center for the Book and UC Extension courses.

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