Lillian Dabney

Seattle, Washington

Bessie Coleman/Dared to Dream

Artist Book

Accordion with cut, reverse folds featuring black and white photo images of Bessie Coleman, first African American to receive a pilot's license in 1921 from France after refusal to US flight schools. Hand lettering in red gouache on black, Fabriano paper, with a 1995 U.S. postage stamp of the aviatrix on the cover. 4-1/2 x 10-3/4 x 1/4" (closed)

LILLIAN DABNEY specialized in calligraphy for many years before she began studying bookbinding in 1993 as an outlet for her creative lettering. "I am eternally grateful for the emergence of artist's books thus defining a whole new genre of artistic form. I am thankful as well to all the monks who created the first hand-lettered books."

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