Elsi Vassdal Ellis

Bellingham, Washington


Artist Book

A testimony on human behavior and genocide using the story of Icarus as allegory. Letterpress printed type, photo-polymer plates and linoleum art on 80# Cougar cover paper. Accordion text unfolds from a hard cover as dramatic image of skeletons gradually fill the page. Sandragraph cover papers with skill and wing design. 5-9/16 x 15-1/4 x 1"

ELSI VASSDAL ELLIS is proprietor of the Eve Press, executing book editions from the written word to designing , illustrating, printing letterpress, and binding. "When young, I tasted the fruit and escaped and imagined; later I became compelled to create fruit to inspire, to inform, to remind. I am not a media bigot but I find myself drawn to the physicality of letterpress..."

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