Timothy C. Ely

Colfax, Washington

Sketches from the Aftermath

Artist Book

What if? Speculations on alien contact presented in drawings by the artist depicting a bio-mechanical notion of alien life capable of cross-dimensional flight. Drumleaf binding made of paper and board, adhesives, varnish, pigments and binders.
11 x 14-1/2 x 5/8"

TIMOTHY C. ELY, MFA in Design, University of Washington, fabricates manuscript books with images derived from philosophy, science and "imaginal" magic. He began making books during the Viet Nam war era, as the post war overflow of Asian culture added elements of chaos and pattern to his vision. A NEA Visual Artists Fellowship in 1981 allowed him to travel to Asia and Europe. After a decade in New York , he returned to the Pacific coast where he founded the Planetary Collage in 1996.

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