Madelyn Garrett

Salt Lake City, Utah

Amon-Ra and His Children


Unique copy of a limited edition text written by the artist. Bound in Japanese cloth with papyrus onlays and an inset scarab on front. Housed in a matching, drop spine box. Published in 1993 by BookLab, Inc., Austin, Texas, the book was illustrated by Linda Anderson and text printed by Bradley Hutchinson.
5-1/2 x 7 x 3/4"


MADELYN GARRETT is curator of rare books at the University of Utah, Willard J. Marriot Library, where the Book Arts Program was established in 1995. The program offers lectures, exhibitions, workshops, and classes that "inspire-provide to scholar and layperson alike the opportunity to experience the book as a rich historical and artistic treasure, alive, well, and flourishing in the twenty-first century."

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