Monique Lallier

Summerfield, North Carolina

The Phoenix

Fine Binding

Yellow and black goatskin over laced on boards, joined at center spine with corresponding dual color, sewn headbands. Stylized Phoenix design created in contrasting onlay leather lines to illustrate the legendary bird resurrected from its own ashes. Paste endpapers by the binder. Graphite and gold top edge.
9-3/4 x 8-5/8 x 11/16"

MONIQUE LALLIER has been bookbinding for 30 years and has enjoyed every minute of it! She first studied with Simone B. Roy in Montreal, and later learned gold tooling, onlays, and inlays with M. Arnoult in Paris. In Switzerland, she studied with Hugo Peller at Solothurn, and with Edwin Heim at the Centro Del Bel Libro at Ascona, where she also learned Asco color marbling from Beatrice Meuter Peller. She has been teaching bookbinding for 25 years.

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