Keith Montague

Salt Lake City, Utah

Servant of Nemesis, Or Just Another Guy in The Brawl

Artist Book

Unique 2003 digital edition of a 1945 work produced by the artist at age 24, as a navy pilot in the Pacific aboard the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga. Watercolor and pencil drawings illustrate text detailing duties and relaxation on the carrier, and combat stories in a Hellcat fighter plane. Plexiglas post binding.
10 x 14 x 1"


KEITH MONTAGUE was co-owner of a graphics studio for 25 years where his greatest pleasure was book design for publishers. He was a senior in college when the US entered WWII in the Pacific. Interested in pursuing work in the publishing and communications field after the war, he kept a record of his military service in words and illustrations to serve as a resume and also as a document of interest for his family.

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