Sarah M. Smith

Salem, Massachusetts

Awful Disclosures

Letterpress Broadside

Absurd trial of a moth caught in flight, written by the artist in the style of 18th & 19th century dying speeches. Handset lead, wood type and linoleum cut illustration, hand inked and letterpress printed on a Vandercook 219 press.
18-3/4 x 23-3/4"


SARAH M. SMITH began making books at UMass Amherst and with the guidance of Bill Streeter. Later, she received a MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking from the University of the Arts, PA, "where obfuscatory writing and letterpress printing loomed larger in her work." Currently, she is a book conservator at the Northeast Document Conservation Center in Andover, MA. She also teaches graphic design, letterpress and bookbinding at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA.

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