About the Book

By Peter & Donna Thomas

The book used as the textblock in this show is titled A collection of Papers from Hand Papermills in the United States of America. It was designed and printed letterpress by Peter and Donna Thomas. Peter collected the samples and statements, wrote the introduction and made the paper for the cover, endsheets and introductory pages. Donna bound the edition and made the linoleum cut used on the title page. There are one hundred ninety-five copies in the edition. Twenty-seven were reserved for the papermakers who provided the sample sheets, Thirty-three copies were made available in sheets to binders. Copies number one through twenty-five were bound in full brown Chieftain goatskine and had seven extra paper samples sewn in after the colophon. The rest of the edition was bound quarter leather with paper boards.

The book measures eleven and three-quarters inches by nine and one-quarter inches and has thirty-two folio signatures, or one hundred twenty pages. Twenty-seven papermakers sent sample sheets, and remainder of the paper used in the book was made by Peter Thomas. Each sheet was folded in half to make one folio signature of the book. The verso was left blank, to give the viewer a chance to examine the paper without any distractions. A statement by the papermaker was printed on the recto using Centaur, from both hand set type and polymer plates. These were personal reflections, artists' statements rather than technical or scholarly dissertations. The fibers used in making the paper are listed in alphabetical order at the bottom of each page. The names of the papermaker of the paper mill, without whose contribution this project would never have been possible, are listed at the top of each page and are as follows: Atelier Madeleine, Cal Ling Paperworks, Carriage House Paper, Cave Paper, Dieu Donne Papermill, Dobbin Mill, The Evanscent Press, Exeter Press & Paper, HMP Papers, Rick Johnson, Langdell Paperworks, Claire Lissance, MacGregor & Vinzani, Magnolia Editions, Oak Park Papermill, The Paper Press, The Papier Farm, John Risseeuw: Tempe, Rugg Road Handmade Paper, San Miguel Paper Workshop, Sea Pen Press and Papermill, Terrapin Paper Mill, Peter and Donna Thomas, Ray Tomasso, Twinrocker, UICB Paper Facilities, Water Mark Mill, and Women's Studio Workshop.