Catherine Burkhard

Catherine Burkhard, 6660 Santa Anita Dr., Dallas, TX 75214

Description: Limp papercase binding covered in Tim Barrett's handmade UICB paper; endpapers of handmade paper by Donna Stallard and Christine Bisetto Dallas -- Metroplex Papermakers; sewn using silk thread on four tapes of same paper as endpapers; Tapes hand-calligraphed by the binder with the title, authors, city and year; laced through covers to reveal the calligraphy and provide a decorative element.

Binder's Statement: Paper is a very intriguing thing to me. I ordered the text block just so that I could see, feel, have, and enjoy the many handmade paper samples. I really didn't think I would do anything else with the samples. However, when I did begin thinking of how to bind these beautiful sheets into book form, I thought of many types of bindings and coverings and always came back to the feeling it needed to be kept very, very basic. I think of hand crafts which have been going on for many centuries as simple, basic forms of art. Papermaking is no exception. So, these lovely sheets of unusual handmade paper seemed to cry out to me to keep their transformation in book form very simple and to keep the whole structure as handmade as possible. Once I listened to that "cry", all else fell into place, and it was pure joy to pull it together.

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