By Peter D. Verheyen, Exhibitions Chairman

This is the third in a series of thematic, nationally traveling, exhibits by Guild of Book Workers, the first having been 1988's Bound to Vary. In this set-book exhibit, Billy Budd, a fine press edition of Melville's work was entirely handmade by Benjamin and Deborah Alterman and diversely by bound by 15 binders. The second exhibit was Fine Printers Finely Bound Too a thematic exhibit of 47 bindings of North American finely printed books in edition and one-of-a-kind bindings by 33 binders as well as original samples of all the books in the exhibit.

Paper, the third of these, is once again a set-book exhibit. The book, entitled Paper, A Collection of Handmade Paper Samples from the United States of America is as the title implies a sampler of handmade papers made in the Western tradition. Each of the folios contains a statement by the maker, one of 27 included in the book. Peter and Donna Thomas orchestrated the compilation and publishing of this work in an edition binding of their own. In 1992 they approached the Guild with the idea of mounting an exhibit of the book an idea which has now been realized. 21 binders some established, some new, elected to bind the sheets offered by the Thomases and the result is an exhibit which compliments the richness and diversity of textures in the samples. We also experimented with the concept of a self juryed exhibit rather than judging the bindings and were not disappointed. The art of the book has matured a great deal in the past two decades a trend which we hope continues. The catalog was designed by Peter Thomas and myself, produced by Peter Thomas and the photographs taken by Laura Brown who exquisitely captured the bindings. The exhibit will travel to 5 sites across the nation and , for the first time, can be seen online here, thereby reaching a worldwide audience.