Robin Howell

Robin Howell, Hedgehog Bindery, 3 Oak Lane, Danbury, CT 06811

Description: Covered in a limp papercase binding of Barrett UICB paper, paper molded around cords which run inside; sewn on raised cords using packed sewing; titled onlaid using Barrett UICB paper; bone clasps on foredge.

Binder's Statement: From the moment this book arrived at my door, it yelled to me "get me wet." So, I did. As a result I learned about paper: which papers soak up water like a bath mat and still look great afterwards and which papers crinkle up forever with an attitude. Now when I look at the book it is always with that time of sogginess in mind and the time spent hanging from my ceiling by its cords drying.

Binding is for sale

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