Monique Lallier

Monique Lallier, 7409 Somersby Dr., Summerfield, NC 27538

Description: Covered in Bernie Toole & Joe Zina's Rugg Road handmade paper on the front cover with pig skin suede for the back cover; sewn using a "crossed binding;" decor of a simple wooden frame with silk thread representing the screen with color photocopy from Faith Shannon's book Paper Pleasures fixed over silver paper underneath. Silver leather on each corner of the wooden frame.

Binder's Statement: This collection of paper samples of uneven length was a perfect candidate for a crossed binding structure. The technique was developed by Carmencho Arregui, an Italian bookbinder and conservator, and introduced by Sün Evrard at Designer Bookbinders 1994 conference in Oxford. It is a simple, yet beautiful, way to bind sheets together. This technique allows for a multitude of variations in the use of materials and design.

Binding is for sale.

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