Nancy Nitzberg

Nancy Nitzberg, 101 Washington Lane, Suite 116-A Jenkintown, PA 19046

Description: Covered in woven strips of Tim Barrett's UICB papercase stock over a lining of UICB book paper; Dieu Donné "Emily Dickinson" endpapers; sewn on three slips of UICB papercase stock.

Binder's Statement: The connection between cellulose-based paper and textiles along with the use of textiles in the paper making processes throughout history is recognized in the woven form of the paper-based covering material, bring the process full circle by using paper to create a woven product. The versatility of paper (its potential strength, flexibility, and aesthetic adaptability) is reflected in the durability of the stock, selected for this project, to withstand the weaving process even when in the form of very thin strips. The use of textile materials in covering and repairing books, in particular linen and scraps of domestic fabrics found on 18th and 19th century American volumes, is acknowledged by using a woven product with a "homespun" nature to the cover the volume.

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