Jarmila Jelena Sobotova

Jarmila Jelena Sobotova, 6306 Fisher Rd., 105-3 Dallas, TX 75214

Description: Historical binding structure with the samples being sewn onto strips of handmade paper which were then sewn on raised cords; hand sewn endbands; wooden boards half-covered with brown calfskin; front board has opening with wooden frame and screen by Tim Moore; brass clasps along foredge by Jan Sobota.

Binder's Statement: I love books with all their elements. First the stories and then all which surrounds them, the beauty of literature and the human ability to use sophisticated means of communication, especially words formulating ideas with meanings. It is a marvelous thing that people have the ability to write down their ideas and possess the technique to transform the idea into a concrete creation. It was a real treat for me to look at the samples by these American hand papermakers and to read their thoughts about the process of making paper. I felt so connected with them, their passion for their work especially since I have been making paper as well. I always thought that bookbinders are kind of crazy people, involved with their work, maybe too much sometimes. By reading the stories of paper creators I realized that they are in the same boat. It was a real pleasure to bind this collection of handmade papers created by my soulmates.

Binding is for sale.

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