Joanne Sonnichsen

Joanne Sonnichsen, 894 Ringwood Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025

Description: Modified Coptic binding covered in white Morocco with Tim Barrett's UICB papercase paper; endpapers made by Peter and Donna Thomas; top edge rough gilt; blind and gold tooled.

Binder's Statement: Nearly every paper in this book is a different size and/or different thickness from the paper which precedes or follows it. Nevertheless it is important to be able to see each paper as a whole, and this means the double-page spread must open flat. For this reason, a modification of a non-supported double-needle structure (in which the board is attached with the same sewing thread when the book is sewn) seemed an ideal solution. I made four changes from a well-know Coptic structure: the covers are attached slightly differently (over the outer edge of the board rather than through it), the book is rounded (but not backed), muslin is attached to the spine, and the boards are shaped at the spine edge to encourage the spine to hold its form. The design is based on an image of paper pulp as it is worked in the beater.

Binding is for sale.

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