Peter & Donna Thomas

Peter & Donna Thomas, 260 Fifteenth Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Description: leather binding with paper sides covered in handmade paper (rag, hemp, jute) made by Peter Thomas; endpapers of pigment dyed rag paper by Peter Thomas; sewn on linen tapes; decor of bas relief lines laid on boards under covering paper with blind stamped title on cover.

Binder's Statement: We worked together to design this binding. It is the standard edition binding for the book. When we first conceived the book we decided it should have a binding made completely out of paper. We constructed a prototype, based on a design we used in an earlier miniature edition, which had the title embossed between raised lines on a paper cover. We liked it, but wanted to find a way that the final edition binding would acknowledge our debt to the earlier paper sample books which had inspired us. We decided a leather spine would do this. To attach the paper boards with their debossed lines to the spine, we came up with a system where we wrapped the boards leaving short paper flaps on the spine edge, then ran the boards to the printing press to emboss the title, and raced back to attach the spine and case the book before everything warped. The final product, looked something like a split board binding, but without the split boards. We thought we had discoverd a new binding until one day when we showed the book to a binding teacher who in passing said, "Oh you used that binding. I teach it to my second year students."

Binding is for sale.

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