Peter D. Verheyen

Peter D. Verheyen, 231 Strong Ave., Syracuse, NY 13210

Description: leather Bradel binding with pastepaper sides by the binder; endpapers of John Koller's HMP paper; sewn on 4 sharkskin thongs using colored linen thread; thongs visible through cutouts on spine and run across spine into leather "bosses" on cover; titled in relief using leather over board and inset into a leather covered from with HMP paper base.

Binder's Statement: This binding came to be in a very haphazard way. I wanted to have the structure be visible and having the thongs show through the cut-out spine and run across the joint seemed like a fun way to do it. When faced with what to cover the sides with, I decided to make pastepapers again, something I haven't done in 2+ years. Of all the sheets made, this seemed the most appropriate, evoking the image of the chain and mould lines of a papermakers mould. I also greatly enjoyed the typographic qualities of the HMP paper with the bits of Cyrillic typography embedded in the sheets.

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