Laura Wait

Laura Wait, 3358 Pecos St., Denver, CO 80211

Description: Covered in paper-maché over honeycomb board; endpapers of Ray Tomaso paper with hooked leaf paste paper by binder on Tomaso's paper sewn in; sewn on concertina of pastepaper by binder with a herring bone stitch on alum tawed thongs; title gold stamped paper label on front cover.

Binder's Statement: For a paper book, I felt called to make a paper cover. This is a paper mache board constructed from paper made of offcuts and gold/mylar "inclusions" collected from years of gold stamping. I did not want to conflict with the text by putting it in a leather binding, and preferred the paper theme to continue through to the outside. My own personal stamp shows most on the endpapers, with the pastepapers. These are also used for the concertina. providing an additional visual wrapper for the book. The structure is very traditional, based on my experience with wooden boards books. The book was fun to bind, and I hope my playfulness is enjoyed.

Binding is for sale.