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Beilenson imprints

Dear Ms. Eisemann,

I don't know if the information I could provide is of any additional interest, but if you
like I can scan two pages from "A second book of pressmarks gathered from America's
private presses & from others not so private" (Nappanee, Indiana: Private Press of the
Indiana Kid, May 1959) to send to you by email.

>From the book:

             BLUE-BEHINDED APE
              [1st pressmark]
Several pieces of printing that Peter and Edna
Beilenson thought too undignified for Peter
Pauper Press resulted in a new imprint: at the
Sign of the Blue-Behinded Ape. Its first press-
mark, above, was a "homemade" affair first
used on a booklet, forty copies of which were
privately issued in 1930.              [p. 74]

             BLUE-BEHINDED APE
              [2nd pressmark]
While Blue-Behinded Ape books were made to
sell, and did, they were done in the spirit, at
least, of the private press. André Durençeau
designed this variation upon its pressmark for
"An immortal anthology," 290 copies of which
were issued in 1933, and which was one of the
50 Books of that year.                 [p. 75]

If you'd like the scans, just let me know. --Dave.

David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas


#44. If you?ve ever needed a massage because you overworked your eyebrows, then, honey,
you might be gay.

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